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I was referred to Mr. Altschuler and from day one he was honest and very professional with my case and very detailed and always available when needed. I would definitely recommend his services to anybody and I will definitely consult with him again for any legal matters. Thanks again Mr. Altschuler.


One of the BEST Lawyers in the Tri-state Area!

Frederick Altschuler is an amazing lawyer. He has helped me and family overcome impossible odds. We've had successful results with everything from car accidents to misdemeanors. There were times when other lawyers thought we didn't have a chance and Fred had the confidence and experience to lead us to victory time and time again. He goes above and beyond to help you win and is always upfront and honest about what to expect. He explains everything as you go through the process and is very mindful of your time and budget. Since I personally found him I have never had a need to seek legal help anywhere else. I have recommended him to numerous friends with similar results. He's the best!


An Amazing Experience, Out of a Terrible One

Fred is an amazing lawyer. My wife was in a horrible accident, 100% not her fault, and was injured. Upon contacting Fred, a friend's recommendation, he didn't try to push the envelope an shoot for the stars. He was highly realistic and explained the process, as well as, all the other benchmark battles we'd have to face before even starting. I value people when they don't just tell you what you want to hear. He then met with us at home where we went over everything again, answered some questions, and built a case. He was tremendously respectful, and sensitive to my wife's condition. Once Fred determined that we did have a case, he didn't hold back getting everything moving along. Our case was finished in less than a year, and all settlements came in the first submission. Fred put together a fully comprehensive case that spoke for itself. He had already filed all motions for different matters in advance, knowing they'd be coming later, so we didn't have to wait. Throughout the process, I mostly spoke to him through email. He would constantly respond within hours (most of the time minute) and even during a vacation of his (where I told him to forget about us for a couple days). You cannot go wrong choosing Fred as your lawyer. If ever I or a loved one/friend needed a lawyer, I have him on speed dial. He really made a horrible situation better for us and we can not thank him enough!


Thanks for Everything and I Highly Recommend You Guys

I'm glad and very thankful that I had Frederick Altschuler and Dan as my attorneys and I would highly recommend them. They helped me come a long way and kept me informed every step of the way.


Great Attorney

I have known Fred for over 10 years and he has helped me with many issues and answered many questions. Always done a great job and I would never go anywhere else for a legal issue.


Car Accident

Frederick W. Altschuler is a smart and and very sharp Lawyer! He helped me get threw a very bad car accident! He always kept in touch with me and explained everything with so much knowledgeable information to me, so I could understand what was going on, and was so trust worthy. i would recommend Frederick W. Altschuler to anyone who needs a great attorney anytime.


I Didn’t Have to Ask!

Mr. Altschuler kept me abreast of the status of my case without me having to ask. I am the type of person that does not like to be left in the dark and hate to have to ask for information that I feel should be provided to me without having to ask or beg for it. I cannot tell you how impressed and appreciative I was of him and his staff on how they handled my case and kept me in the loop as things progressed. I highly recommend Mr. Altschuler and will certainly use him again. He's honest, fair and trustworthy.


Number One Attorney!

Frederick Altschuler is an outstanding lawyer. He has successfully represented me, my family and friends over the years and has always done an exceptional job. He's thorough, detailed and his years of experience makes him an expert at what he does. He makes himself available whenever you need him and takes the time to make sure you understand every detail of your case. Frederick's professionalism and knowledge of the law gives his clients the confidence to know that they are well taken care of. I have recommended Freddie and his partner Dan to many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so with certainty. He's the absolute best in his field!



Mr. Altschuler is the best out there. He is the definition of professionalism. Other attorneys turned my case down-but he was fighting for what's right for me not how much the case is worth. Today I'm still enjoying the compensation that he fought for and WON. Thanks again Mr. Altschuler. Call! Call! Call him NOW!


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