The Rules of the Road, Bicycle vs. Automobile

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The Rules of the Road, Bicycle vs. Automobile

bicycle accidents long islandBicycling is one of the best forms of exercise, and it’s a wonderful way to explore the beauty of Long Island. However, you put yourself at greater risk for injury when you bike on roads alongside traffic instead of on designated bike trails alone. Nonetheless, you have to bike on roads to get to a lot of places on the island you might want to get to. Just be certain you understand the rules of the road to protect yourself and others from bike and automobile accidents and needing a bicycle accident lawyer in NY.

Behave Like a Car Driver

Many of the bicycle accidents Long Island, NY residents experience are because a bicyclist or a nearby driver don’t understand that bikers should be treated like other vehicles on the road in the vast majority of cases. That means they drive with traffic, not against traffic. They must come to a stop at stop signs and red stoplights and only go or turn when legally allowed. Car drivers can pass a biker, giving them a wide berth, although only when there’s room to do so, it’s legally allowed and there’s no oncoming traffic.

Wearing Helmets and Other Precautions

The NY law regarding helmets applies only to minors, although to vastly decrease the likelihood of permanent injury, riders of all ages should wear helmets. Also, do not bike while inebriated. You cannot operate a bicycle on public property while under the influence.

Bike Lanes

Some areas of Long Island have designated bike lanes right alongside vehicular traffic. Vehicles cannot drift into these lanes at any point except to turn right — and only then if there are no bikes to impede the maneuver.

Contact the law offices of Frederick W. Altschuler, your bicycle accident lawyer in NY, if you or a loved one ever experiences injury or damage to your bike or vehicle as a result of a bicycle or vehicular accident. If something is found to the be the fault of a property owner, the city or the other person involved in the accident, you could be poised to seek compensation for your medical and repair or replacement costs.